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解脱ハワイ Gedatsu Hawaii Church


Gedatsu Church is a non-sectarian teaching

open to people of all faiths, ethnicities

and cultural backgrounds.

While Gedatsu has influences from both Buddhism and Shintoism, (which you can see in our altar and some of our rituals),
Gedatsu is a non-sectarian study. 

By putting into practice the spirit cultivated through religion,

we aim to create a peaceful world based on mutual existence and prosperity

of the people, where everyone understands and respects each other.


If you have a loved one who passed away, and if interested in attending this service to honor and remember the deceased, please fill out the application form and submit it to the church. This service is usually held on the 1st Sunday of the particular month in which the loved ones passed away.

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Counseling on spiritual issues is available. We will perform holy tea blessings to purify the spirits connected to the issues. Please make an appointment for your visit. It takes about an hour.


One of the unique, sacred practices of the Gedatsu Church is the performance of Amacha holy tea blessing, in which we dedicate our sincere prayers and service to the peaceful repose of the souls of the deceased and ancestors. Amacha blessing can bring peace and salvation for unrested spirits, no matter how dire their suffering. 

gedatsu hawaii 解脱ハワイの教え

What is gedatsu in the first place?

Gedatsu is a religious study whose ultimate aim is to awaken our inner spirituality through the daily practice

and expression of gratitude.

We aim to grow spiritually by deepening self-awareness

one by one through daily experiences,

making daily life a place of learning.

Liberation Church Hawaii

Gedatsu Church of Hawaii

Resident Minister: Rev. Kazuo Yamada
6095 Summer Street
Honolulu, HI 96821
Church Phone: (808) 396-0363

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Gedatsu Hawaii Community

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