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Eternal Life

   It is very inspirational to be able to realize the eternal life while living in this ever-changing phenomenal world. 
       It is natural to be attached to physical life, but there is a vast difference between knowing and not knowing that after death, the individual soul exists together with the Divine Spirit. 

       Moreover, the existence of soul and spirit transcends time and space and is immortal.  If one feels certain that spirit is the real substance of life, one is able to believe that one does return to the true spiritual home after death.  Just to conceive of an eternal life after death is exhilarating.

      For those who believe that everything is over when they die, death is the greatest agony.  I can sympathize with those who are on the verge of death.  By contrast, those who are aware that the flowers of Truth, Goodness and Beauty do bloom even after death are the blessed ones. 

      If one sincerely wants to search for the true path of life, they must be aware of life after death.                                                                                                                    (Omitted hereafter)

——Excerpt from ​ “Shinko” written by Seiken Okano

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Our assertion of truth is;
Unity of the Visible and Invisible Worlds

Gedatsu teaches "Yu-Gen Icchi", or "Unity of the Visible and Invisible Worlds".

In other words, the invisible world and the visible world are two sides of the same coin.

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