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Holy Hiho Meditation

“Purification of the mind by the Holy Hiho”

In the Gedatsu Church of Hawaii, they practice a unique form of meditation known as

"On-Hiho-meditation" to purify the mind as a part of the process of spiritual liberation.


"On-Hiho" is a spiritual amulet used for the purification of the heart,

revealed by the founder under the guidance of the Supreme Spirit.


To practice this method, one holds the On-Hiho amulet in their hands,

straightens their spine, regulates their breath, and releases their self-centered thoughts.

They meditate while entrusting everything to the greater workings of the universe.


While gaining the holy power of the On-Hiho,

individuals also experience heightened insights and intuition

by letting go of your ego and connecting with the "true wisdom" deep within your heart. This naturally guides them towards the right path.


This meditation practice is known as "Heart Purification through On-Hiho"

and is typically conducted during Appreciation meetings.

In overseas churches, it is referred to as the "Holy Hiho Meditation."

Sunset SUP on Girls

"Surrendering Everything
to the Universe"
... What does that mean?

Approaching to True Wisdom

In Holy Hiho Meditation, through the mystical workings of the secret methods, manifestations of the Five Wisdom Buddhas,

you meditate surrendering everything to the universe.

There is no problem if you have stray thoughts during meditation.

When you notice them, just let them go and continue meditating again without mind.

“To surrender everything” means to let go of ego-driven thinking and align yourself

with the vibrations of the universe and nature.

By doing so, you will come into contact with the “true wisdom”

that resides within your true self.

By touching or approaching the “true wisdom”, the clouds of the mind are purified,

and movements such as inspiration, inner guidance, or synchronicity

will naturally guide you in the right direction.


In that sense, meditation by the “Holy Hiho” is positioned as a “practice”

that purifies the cloudiness of the ego and touches a higher level of self (true wisdom).

What are the “Five Law Characters” (Goho-moji) that have
mysterious functions?

While receiving revelation from divine spirits,

the founder Gedatsu Kongo manifested "Five Law Characters" (Goho-moji)

that have mysterious functions through his automatic writing.

They are named "Goho (Five Law Characters)" because they are related

to the Five Wisdom Buddhas of esoteric Buddhism.

The “Five Law Characters” perform mysterious functions

such as becoming channels for communication with higher realms

and opening circuits for communication with the spirit world.

The founder used these sacred Goho-characters on tablets for various prayers,

amulets for communicating with the spirit world, and for meditation.

Representative examples include the "On-Goho'' used for spiritual practices

when interacting with spirits, and the "On-Hiho'' used for purifying the mind.


About "On-Goho training"


One of the secrets of the Gedatsukai is the Goho training, which is held in the palm of the hand of the "On-Goho", spiritual amulet (hiji mandala) manifested by the great spiritual power of the founder, Gedatsu Kongo. It is a training of spirituality that is carried out for the purpose of cultivating oneself and perfecting one's personality through interaction with divine spirits, ancestral spirits, and other related spirits while meditating. One guideline for starting this training is to become a member and learn for at least half a year, and to be able to sufficiently console the spirits through Amacha blessing Kuyo.

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