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Memorial Service for Ancestors and Spirits

At Hawaii Emancipation Church, ancestor spirits, deceased spirits, and other
We are doing our best to serve the spirits.
In particular, there is a unique method of memorial service using Amacha, which was started by the founder.
It is regarded as one of the secrets of the Society.

What is Tencha Kuyo?

The Founder, Gedatsu Kongo, sensed that amacha had a mysterious effect of purifying the souls of spirits and pacifying them, and named it ``Tencha''. was abandoned.

When pouring Tencha with all one's heart into the soul through the memorial tower on which the mysterious "Five Laws" are written on the tip of the founder's brush, no matter what kind of suffering the spirit may be, It is possible to attain Buddhahood with peace of mind through the spiritual power and merit and sincerity of Tencha.


Reassuring spirits, peace of mind

"Tencha Kuyo" is one of the three secret methods of this association, and is a memorial service for repaying gratitude to the ancestors and related spirits, as well as a memorial service, purification, and comfort.

In our church, there is a Tencha Memorial Pagoda that serves as a bridge between ancestral spirits and various spirits. Members usually receive a memorial service card for each family's "ancestral spirits," "ancestral unrelated spirits," and "wildlife, insects, insects, fish, trees, grasses, and all the spirits," and hold tencha memorial services at home.

Tencha-kuyo purifies one's spirituality, so by oneself holding Tencha-kuyo, not only other spirits but also one's own spirituality is purified. That is the true charm of the “memorial service” that brings mutual merit.

Tencha Kuyo will serve as a “bridge” between the invisible world and the visible world.


It will also lead to better luck. That is the reason why it is said to be ``Anxiety of the spirit, peace of mind for myself''.

Incense and tencha memorial service for ancestors.jpg

Tencha is good for your health

Amacha, which is related to the birth of Buddha, has long been regarded as a miraculous medicine for all kinds of ailments. It's naturally sweetened, but it's calorie-free and caffeine-free. In recent years, it has been known to have many effects such as anti-allergic action, antioxidant action, anti-tumor action, and gastric mucosa protective action.
The Founder, feeling that amacha has the ability to purify the soul, named it ``Tencha'' and recommended that it not only be used for memorial services for souls, but also for health and to purify the mind and body by drinking Tencha.
Japan's Gedatsukai cultivates Tencha in the highlands of Mt. Kurohime in Nagano Prefecture. At Hawaii Liberation Church, we can share a bag of Tencha (180g) for $30 if you wish.

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