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Joint Shogetsu Memorial Service

   ——  Anybody can request ——

Relatives, friends, people who took care of you...
Would you like to make a memorial service for the important people who have entered the spirit world?

Hawaii Emancipation Church calls it “Never Forgotten Service”.
From 10:00 am on the first Sunday of every month, with the attendance of those who have applied,

for the spirits of the deceased who died in that month
We are jointly holding a “Shotsuki Meinichi memorial service”.

Anyone can apply

(Application is "free")

Those who have applied will receive information about the date of the memorial service for the deceased.

Please join us on the day with your family.

On that day, in the offering box at the altar of the church,

We would appreciate it if you could make a donation.

To apply, fill in the necessary information such as the name and date of death of the deceased from the inquiry page,

Send an email or apply directly to Hawaii Emancipation Church.

show, daily, how 
In the first place, what is the “Shougetsu Memorial Service”?

It is a memorial service for the spirit of the deceased who passed away in that month.

Under the name of “Never Forgotten” Monthly Memorial Service

First Sunday of every month(2nd Sunday in January)It's been going on since 10am.


The Joy of the Spirit Reflects as Our Joy

For spirits, remind loved ones

To pray from the bottom of my heart,

It will be a pleasure.

Furthermore, by receiving the merit of Tencha

It will give you more cleansing power

Spiritual joy as your own happiness,

Mysteriously, in daily life, as "guidance" and "protection"

It will be reflected.

Altar of Never Forgotten.jpg

What law will be enforced?

At this memorial service, candles are lit on mortuary tablets bearing the names of each of the deceased.Tencha(Amacha)memorial serviceis dedicated.

The sutra reading by the doushi is about 8 minutes. "Confession", "Heart Sutra", "Komyo Shingon" and "Treasure" are offered. It is informal, and focuses on praying for the repose of the souls of the souls with sincere prayers.


After that, the name of each deceased person and the name of the applicant will be read out. increase.

On the day of the event, a program (in English) will be prepared with the name of each deceased person written on it. English speakers are also participating, so the moderation will be done in simple English. The liberation church is open to everyone regardless of denomination, so please invite your family and friends.

After the memorial service, there is a refreshment time where you can enjoy sweets and offerings in a room facing the seaside.

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