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生活即宗教 解脱教会の教え

  Life is Religion  

Everyday life is a training that refines and heightens spirituality
——  life is religion   ——

Everyday life itself is a place of religious study to elevate the soul – 
-- that is the founder's teaching and our belief.
Life’s challenges serve as a means of deep introspection

and developing self-awareness. 
The self-renunciation of our egos enables us to purify

and strengthen our spiritual character.
As Gedatsu followers, we accept this reality of life

and strive to live every day with sincere gratitude and appreciation.

Learning beyond sectarianism

The characteristic way of belief of Gedatsukai is to respect both Shintoism

and Buddhism in accordance with ancient Japanese tradition.

It is a “super-sect” teaching that draws on the flow of Shugendo,

a combination of Shinto and esoteric Buddhism.

At home, the family temple of each sect is respected.

Regardless of denomination, there is no need to convert,

so people of any religious or cultural background can join and learn.

Morning and Evening Prayer at Home

Setting up a place to put your hands together in prayer in your home

allows you to always face God

and keep yourself aligned with God’s mind.
That is the one of secrets to incorporating the teachings of Gedatsu

into your daily life and constantly purifying and improving your mind.
It is recommended that you have an altar for gods or ancestors in your home.

The basic form of the altar of Gedatsu enshrines "Tenjin Chigi'' in the center,

"Gochi Nyorai'' on the left, and "Gedatsu Kongo'' on the right.
Also, a Buddhist altar with an ancestor tablet is

supposed to be enshrined separately from the Shinto altar.
Members offer prayers in the morning and evening

at the household Shinto shrine and Buddhist altar.


"Tenjin Chigi'', or the Supreme Spirit of the Universe, is the main body of the Universal life force, so it inevitably includes all gods, all Buddhas, and all spirits. Therefore, beginners can start even with only "Tenjin Chigi" enshrined deity. Furthermore, it is also possible to continue to enshrine the deities of the gods or buddhas that you sincerely believed in until then.

Enshrined deity sample.jpg

Photo: An example of Gedatsu-style altar

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