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解脱教会 感謝祭 御神前ハワイ 毎月の行事

Monthly Appreciation Services

A place for your heart to face God

Appreciation services are held every month on the 3rd Sunday at 10:00 am in English and on the 4th Sunday in Japanese.

We thank God for the blessings that allow us to live day by day, and align our hearts with God's will, and develop a heart that promotes the happiness of ourselves and others.

解脱教会 感謝祭 ハワイ 毎月の行事

True Happiness for Humans Is Not Obtained Through Material Things Alone

We, who are kept alive and nourished every day by the blessings of nature,
With that awareness, every month, through the altar of the church
We are holding a “thank you party” to offer prayers of gratitude to the gods and Buddha from the bottom of our hearts.

Face God, set your mind (wave) pure with God's mind as your mind,
Again, through daily life,
I will try to devote myself to the happiness of myself and others.

True human happiness does not come from material gratification alone.

When we align our minds with the workings of nature (God's will) that surpasses human power,

Even if you don't ask for it, you will naturally be blessed with happiness.

If You Can Live Your Days with Gratitude and Joy, There Will Be No Greater Happiness Than This
—— Appreciation Services on the 3rd and 4th Sundays ——

  The Thanksgiving Party on the third Sunday is mainly held in English,Annual events in Japan (Higan, Obon, etc.) are also held on the 3rd Sunday of the month at the Thanksgiving Party.Japanese speakers are also participating. (The lecture will be translated into Japanese.)

On the 4th Sunday of the year, the thanksgiving party was held in accordance with the requests of those who wanted to study in Japanese and talk to people in Japanese.Thanksgiving is being held in Japanese only.There is also a tea time, and it is a place for people who want to interact in Japanese.

At the Thanksgiving Day, we offer prayers of gratitude to the gods and Buddha from the bottom of our hearts, and express our gratitude to the land, parents, teachers, society, and the blessings of all things.We will cultivate a way of life in which we give thanks and give back.whether or not you are a memberAnyoneYou can participate.

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What happens at Appreciation Service?

Every time, thanksgiving is a "worship event" to offer a prayer of gratitude to the gods and Buddha, and a "purification of the mind".purification"(secret meditation), and a “lecture” by the Kai teacher.

At the end of the ceremony, we thanked "the spirits of the ancestors of each family of members and relatives (participants) and all spirits".Tencha memorial service” is dedicated.

Then, as a direct meeting (naorai = refreshment), we enjoy chatting freely while enjoying tea sweets and hand-me-downs from serving the gods and Buddha.

Normally, members offer a "thank you" (donation) to the altar of the church as a token of gratitude for the blessings of nature.*Thank you envelopes are available at the church.

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Young people who came to help at the bazaar

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